Our Services

D James Builders are experts in high quality residential projects. We take pride in helping bring people’s construction dreams to life through our attention to detail and excellent workmanship.

Offering a full range of services including both building and project management, we have the experience to guide you through from beginning to end. Our long-standing relationships with all our designers, sub-trades and suppliers are invaluable in ensuring consistent, high-quality results at a fair price.


Our Project Process

This is the ideal process to obtain the best value for your project. While we can step in at any point, you’ll see the greatest benefit getting us involved from the beginning.



The first meeting – we assess where you are in your project, what your requirements are, and what we can do for you.

Get in touch with us at the beginning and we can recommend the best architects, draughtsmen and town planners to suit your specific requirements. Make sure you have the right people for your project from the beginning and make the planning & design stages of your project as efficient as possible.

We can also provide advice on whether or not your project requires building or resource consents and how those are obtained.


Design Recommendations

Our project experience enables us to identify potential construction issues and help you avoid expensive surprises further down the track.

If engaged early enough in the process, we are able to work with clients and their designers or architects to make recommendations and ensure we’re in a good position to meet budget requirements throughout construction. With full awareness of costs, benefits and potential issues arising from design specifications, you’re in a better position to make decisions on the best options for your project.


Construction Planning

In the planning phase, your full project budget is confirmed and you can see clearly where every dollar goes.

We obtain quotes and price submissions from all suppliers, merchants & sub contractors required to complete your project, and provide a full breakdown of carpentry labour. We sit down with you to work out the best options to suit your needs and finalise a project budget and schedule.

This is also where we introduce you to our industry-leading project management software that enables you to easily view quotes, project documents, keep track of allowances and selections, and helps streamline communication between all parties involved in the construction from the planning stage to completion.


Construction & Project Management

This is where the boots hit the ground and the tool belts go on.

Equipped with quality planning through the first three stages and our wealth of construction and project management experience, we’re set up to deliver great results and minimise hassle. Alongside our construction team, our well-developed network of skilled, trusted sub-trades that we rely on to provide quality, on-time service has everything covered.

D James Builders pride ourselves on the highest quality workmanship – do it once and do it right.


Project Completion & Maintenance Schedules

With all labour complete, we cross the t’s and dot the i’s, and hand it all over to you.

To finalise the project administration, we help obtain code of compliance certificates with as little hassle as possible. Covering you for any future requirements, we ensure you, the council, and D James Builders have a full record of works, producer statements and product warranties on file.

We’ll also give you a maintenence schedule so you’re aware of all maintenance requirements for products used in the construction of your project. If you’d rather someone takes care of this for you, we can assist in arranging ongoing maintenance to make sure your investment stays in great shape.

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